Passolig Cüzdan Prepaid Card

You now have the key to the world of sports and entertainment!

PASSOLIG Wallet Pre-Paid Card offers you more than a stadium access card. Using your PASSOLIG Wallet Pre-Paid Card, you can both avoid carrying cash money and shop safely. You can also use it as a transportation card in contracted cities. Furthermore, in each of your shopping transactions, you financially contribute to the sports club you support. 

PASSOLIG Wallet Pre-Paid Card is not a debit card affiliated with any bank account. You need to top up your card to use it for shopping. Please do not forget to top up your card while purchasing tickets for matches.

You can extend the term of your Passolig Card Annual E-Ticket and maintain the right to buy tickets and enter stadiums. You can extend the term of your Card's E-Ticket immediately either using your Credit Card or another credit card as you please or in cash at the closest N Kolay merchant.  Please click here  to extend the term of your E-Ticket.

  • PTT Offices,
  • PTTMatic Points,
  • N Kolay Merchants,
  • Akbank and Vakıfbank ATMs,
  • EFT from your bank accounts.

For any other queries about PASSOLIG Wallet Pre-Paid Card, please call PASSOLIG Contact Center at 0 (850) 724 33 44. Please click here  for detailed information.​​