About Aktif Bank

An Ecosystem of Financial Technologies

Aktif Bank, the largest privately-owned investment bank in Turkey, maintains its operations as being the largest financial technologies ecosystem in Turkey thanks to the innovative business models, whereby it reinterprets the investment banking, and the investments it has made in technology. 

y means of the products, it offers both physically and through the digital channels, Aktif Bank acts not only as the business partner but also the competitor of the FinTech companies in Turkey and all around the globe. Having customer orientation incorporated in its genetic codes, the Bank addresses to its more than 10 million customers within more than 10 business lines at each and every point of the life on 360 degrees basis and within a wide range covering loans insurance, transportation, card services, payment systems and the world of entertainment, together with its subsidiaries and business partners.

With i
ts 12 branches serving all across Turkey, Aktif Bank is mainly focused on corporate banking, investment banking and private banking that require one-on-one communication.  Holding a market share of 18 percent in the retail customer market thanks to its effective business partnerships, innovative business models and digital channel investments in retail banking, Aktif Bank serves with its approximately one thousand staff members together with its subsidiaries, at the present.

Maintaining its
innovative activities without slowing down, Aktif Bank uninterruptedly continues to diversify its digital world by aiming to achieve excellence in customer experience. Having made investments in technology for the purpose of facilitating the life of the customers since the day it has started to serve, Aktif Bank expands the world of "N Kolay", its flagship, with novel products and services.

N Kolay Mobile ap
plication, put into practice with the N Kolay Bond, the digital investment product addressed to retail customers from all income groups, offers the features such bill payments as well as the FX platform enabling to buy and sell foreign exchange. By means of N Kolay, Aktif Bank is aimed at enabling its customers to manage their funds, spend, and make their payments with ease.

Aktif Bank also su
pports the Istanbul Marathon as being its title sponsor with N Kolay, its digital bank which facilitates the life and meets the needs of the individuals rapidly at any time and anywhere without a branch. The dynamism and equitable, lean service model of the N Kolay brand turn into a harmonious cooperation by clustering with the spirit of Istanbul Marathon, which is one of the top-ranking marathons in the world.

With its Passo mobile
application, which is another actor of its digital world, Aktif Bank provides readily access not only to the matches but also all events varying from concerts to theaters. The Bank, which constantly develops its Passo application as well, diversifies the advantages, it offers at the stadiums, with the opportunities such as 24/7 money transfer by QR, shopping and instant loan.  Thanks to Passolig, the key for security and comfort at the tribunes, Aktif Bank not only provides support for the football clubs but also offer opportunities and privileges to the supporters.

The AnkaraKart mobile ap
plication, offered by Aktif Bank and capable of meeting all needs with respect to the urban transportation, continues to facilitate the life of its users.  Providing service in such field in 7 cities including Ankara, the Bank offers smart transportation and smart urban card solutions to millions of individuals on monthly basis.

Being the most comprehensive fin
ancial technologies ecosystem in Turkey, Aktif Bank provides contribution to the national economy by entering into partnerships with the giant companies operating in the international arena. The Bank, which carries out global business partnerships at various industries, adds positive value for the preference of the foreign investors in Turkey as well as our integration with the world economy.

Aktif Bank, which carries out two
noteworthy partnerships with Mitsubishi, the Japanese technology giant, introduces the VeinID-Five technology, which is capable of reading the vein patterns within the hand of an individual by means of the camera of any device such as computers and mobile phones to Turkey by uniting their power with Hitachi and Mitsubishi Corporation for the purpose of developing technological solutions in cyber security and biometric authentication. Aktif Bank is aimed at enabling such solutions be used in the fields that would facilitate the daily life both in our country and also the neighboring countries. 

Aktif Bank plans to expand abroad in 2
021 by means of Workindo, which is a career platform exclusive to the building industry and which has been established in partnership with Mitsubishi and Çalik Energy. Workindo, which has accomplished to have 20 thousand members in a short span of time, is committed at becoming a digital platform that offers end-to-end solutions and brings all stakeholders in the industry together.

Being literally "active" all across various indu
stries thanks to its innovative and entrepreneurial vision, the Bank also operates in the security technologies industry.  As based on the partnership it has established with SECOM, which possesses the cutting-edge Japanese technology and is one of the leading integrated security providers in the world, the Bank offers end-to-end dedicated security technologies service not only to the individual users but also the corporate firms by making use of the turn-key project design model.

The achievements of Aktif
Bank are not limited only with the reflections on its business deliverables. The Bank was granted more than 180 awards in various fields by international organizations up to the present.