About Aktif Bank

An Ecosystem of Financial Technologies

Aktif Bank, Turkey’s largest privately-held investment bank, continues to serve as the largest fintech ecosystem of Turkey thanks to innovative business models and technology investments that redefine investment banking.

Aktif Bank both collaborates and competes with domestic and global fintech companies with products offered via physical and digital channels. Customer focus is ingrained in the DNA of the Bank, which, together with its subsidiaries and business partners, provides 360-degree service to more than 10 million customers across above 10 lines of business, meeting their daily needs in various areas including loans, insurance, transportation, card services, and payment systems.

With 12 branches across Turkey, Aktif Bank focuses on corporate banking, investment banking and private banking services that require predominantly face-to-face communications. In retail banking, Aktif Bank leverages its effective collaborations, innovative business models and investments in digital channels to hold 18 percent of the Turkey’s retail banking customer market with 1,000 employees in total, including its subsidiaries. 

Aktif Bank maintained its innovation-oriented efforts at pace in 2019 as it continued to diversify its digital offering with a view to excellence in customer experience. Since its inception, Aktif Bank has invested in technology to make life easier for customers, with the Bank’s digital platform “N Kolay” continuously being expanded to include new products and services.

The N Kolay mobile app, which was launched early in the year with a digital investment product, the N Kolay Bond for retail customers across all income brackets, was updated with more features during the year, including bill payments and the FX platform for foreign exchange trade. 

The Bank launched “N Kolay Pay” a first-of-its-kind payment systems platform characterized by its ease of use and responsiveness to customer needs. The platform introduced a novel, QR code-based shopping, payment and money transfer experience for businesses, merchants and e-vendors.

Aktif Bank also added to the features of Passo mobile application, complementing the advantages the app offers at stadiums with 24/7 money transfers, payments and on-demand loans using QR code.
Passolig, the key to security and comfort at stadiums, exceeded 5 million cards. Meanwhile PASSO, the only official ticket sales platform for football clubs, expanded its offering into the world of entertainment and events. Since October 2019, 2020 event tickets for Zorlu Performance Arts Center are now being sold on PASSO.

In 2019, the Bank launched the AnkaraKart mobile app for all urban public transport needs.
The Bank added Kahramanmaraş to the list of provinces where it provides digital and smart public transport solutions, and released a new version of the mobile app KahramanKart.

Active in various sectors as befits its name thanks to its innovative and entrepreneurial vision, the Bank entered the security technologies industry in 2019. The Bank’s first investment in security technologies involved a partnership with SECOM, a high-tech Japanese company and one of the leading providers of integrated security solutions. The joint venture, titled Secom Aktif Yatırım A.Ş. Offers end-to-end private security technologies to retail and corporate clients with turnkey project development.

Near the end of 2019, the Bank moved to a new head office location to create a more comfortable and convenient workplace for its team.

Aktif Bank’s achievements were not limited to business outputs.The Bank won 10 new accolades received from national and global platforms in the first half of 2020,  bringing the total number of awards to 184.