Ahmet Çalık

Çalık Holding Chairman

Born in 1958 in Malatya, as a member of a prominent family operating in the textile business since the 1930s; Ahmet Çalık the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Çalık Holding, started his first personal business ventures in 1981. Currently, as one of the business leaders in both the Turkish and international markets with sustainable investments in 5 sectors including energy, construction, mining, textiles, and finance, Ahmet Çalık established Çalık Holding in 1997 to bring together all Group companies under a single roof. Focusing on projects that benefit society through his visionary investments, Ahmet Çalık is known for his integrity, reliability, strong financial assets, and long-term collaborations with international companies throughout his activities in diverse regions of the world. Ahmet Çalık has been honored with numerous awards and badges domestically and abroad, particularly including the Japanese Order of The Rising Sun, Gold Rays and Neck Ribbon, the Turkmenistan Order of Merit, Turkmenistan Mahtumkulu Award, Turkmenistan Gayrat Medal, USA Ellis Island Medal of Honor, Albania Knight of Flag Order, Republic of Turkey State Medal of Distinguished Service, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkish Republic State Medal of Distinguished Service, and the Turkish Grand National Assembly Distinguished Service Award. Honorary Consul to Bursa of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr. Ahmet Çalık has been bestowed upon honorary doctorate by Matsumoto University and Kindai University in Japan, the University of Tirana in Kazakhistan and Malatya Turgut Özal University in Turkey. Ahmet Çalık currently serves as the Board Chairman at Çalık Holding, Group Companies, and the Ahmet Çalık Foundation.