A big campaign by N Kolay and Yatas Group

N Kolay, the digital bank of Aktif Bank, which is the largest privately-owned investment bank in Turkey, enters into an outstanding cooperation with the Yatas Group. N Kolay now offers loan facility with zero percent interest that is applicable to all brands (Enza Home, Yatas Bedding, Divanev and Puffy) of the Yatas Group. You can benefit from such loan, for which no file cost is charged, at any amount as you desire up to 20 thousand TRY and for a maturity up to 6 months for the cash price. The loan campaign, which can be concluded in a short time thanks to the fast and easy application flow offered by N Kolay, is accessible by millions by means of the wide dealer network of the Yatas Group in Turkey.

"We are bringing the products of the Yatas Group with the consumers by means of the interest-free loan with no file cost"
Expressing that they are delighted to launch such a big campaign with the Yatas Group, with which they have been business partners for many years, Pinar Yilmaz, Aktif Bank's Retail Banking Managing Director said; "We have been collaborating since 2015 with the Yatas Group, which has at all times been a good business partner, and all of its sub-brands, during the course of the shopping loans journey offered under the umbrella of N Kolay Installment by N Kolay, our digital bank that makes life easier thanks to its new generation banking solutions. We are delighted to strengthen such collaboration further thanks to our loan with zero percent interest and free of file cost, and we will continue to partner up our consumers with the quality products of the Yatas Group by ambitious campaigns".