A Break- Through Innovation in capital markets by Aktif Bank: Issuance of Loan- Backed debt instrument

Aktif Bank has reinforced its leading position in the capital markets with Issuance of Loan-Backed Debt Instrument performed for the first time in the capital markets.

​The issuance of 25 million TL with a maturity of 379 days has been concluded successfully.

Paving the way with its innovative financial products such as the first Asset-Backed Securities and the First Sukuk for Project Finance in the capital markets across Turkey, Aktif Bank has introduced a break-through innovation to capital markets once more. The risks of a loan, extended by Aktif Bank, have been transferred to the investors through this product that has been issued for the first time in Turkey. Aktif Bank has transferred the risk of repayment for a loan to the investors under this configured financial product, enabling that the investors, who take not only her/his own risk but also the risk of the loan-utilizer organization, can take advantage of the high-interest yield against the risk.

The issuance of 25 million TL with a maturity of 379 days has been concluded successfully. The investors will be able to gain a yield above the returns, to be provided by the other debt instruments of Aktif Bank, in return for the loan risk they take as part of the issuance. The product will be traded in Outright Purchases and Sales Market on Istanbul Stock Exchange.

Expressing their pride and appreciation with introduction of a break-through innovation to the capital markets once more, Dr. Serdar Sumer, General Manager of Aktif Bank, expressed his feelings as follows: "We, as Aktif Bank, take justified pride of introducing an innovative product to the capital markets across Turkey. With this product, we have laid the way open for the investors of securities, aiming to gain high amounts of yields, to achieve yields on the loan receivables of the banks. We are of the opinion that the product variety in the capital markets is highly important for increasing the diversity of resources across the entire finance industry. We anticipate the industry to take root when this innovative product is issued by the other organizations in the upcoming period."