Cooperation by Pavo and Omni-Vectron

Standing out with its innovative products and services, Pavo, a subsidiary of Aktif Bank, offers next-generation solution sets to enterprises by acting in cooperation with Omni-Vectron which has been offering POS Automation Solutions in HORECA industry since 1996.


Pavo, a subsidiary of Aktif Bank which is the most comprehensive financial technologies ecosystem in Turkey, will now provide next-generation payment systems solutions to Omni-Vectron, which has been offering POS Automation Solutions in HORECA industry. Thus, it will contribute to the provision of end-to-end solutions to the players in the HORECA industry served by Omni-Vectron.


"We aim to become the leader in payment systems thanks to innovative technologies"

Ozden BEKTAS, Pavo's Executive Vice President in charge of Corporate Sales and Business Development, said; "We, as Pavo, are offering technological solutions through our R&D team, consisting of more than 40 staff members.  Our vision is to become the leader in payment systems by offering rapid solutions to the demands of our software house business partners as well, and materialize innovations in this field. Accordingly, we entered into cooperation with Omni-Vectron, which offers thriving services to the enterprises serving in HORECA industry, and with which we have also acted in cooperation in many projects to provide added value in the past. Henceforward, we will continue to generate solutions and value, tailored to many companies from micro-enterprises to restaurant chains, together through next-generation Android devices. I believe that such synergy will constitute a long-running business partnership that would meet the customer requirements".


"We will satisfy the needs of enterprises thanks to our business partnership with Pavo"

Melih KARADAG, Software and Project Manager at Omni-Vectron, said; "We, a Omni-Vectron, are offering revolutionary advantages to the enterprises in respect of their payment and order processes and we aim to enhance operational efficiency at the enterprises thanks to tailored technological solutions by benefiting from the business partnership we have entered into with Pavo. The power of the VUK 507 compliant technological infrastructure plays a big part in the success of the enterprises. It provides the enterprises with operational convenience since it meets the requirement to have both a payment device and the order equipment and thus enables them to make use of a single device. Omnipay Mobile Pavo, which is suitable for any enterprise at any size, doing business in the restaurant and retail industries, is an Android operating system based mobile application. Such application runs as connected to a fixed Vectron terminal and pools all advantages offered by Android. We hereby express our thanks to those who contributed to enabling such business partnership; we have entered into with Pavo, to become an end-to-end solution that meets the requirements of the enterprises.