N Kolay expands service network in Antalya

N Kolay, the widest collection network in Turkey, increased the number of N Kolay Transaction Centers to 43 and number of Kiosks to 159 in Antalya to be able to provide faster services to N Kolay members.

​N Kolay Payment Institution aims to serve Antalya with 60 N Kolay Transaction Centers and 200 kiosks by the end of the year.

N Kolay, the most preferred payment institution in Turkey with its fast IT infrastructure and uninterrupted services, tripled the number of its collection points in Antalya, Burdur and Isparta over a year so that CLK Akdeniz Elektrik subscribers can pay their electricity bills in a fast and reliable manner.

Electricity subscribers in the region can perform all their transactions performed by CLK Akdeniz Elektrik Customer Service Center, including bill payments, at N Kolay collection points without any additional fee. Subscribers are able to communicate all their requests and petitions through N Kolay Transaction Centers where they can also file an application to make use of discounted electricity service campaigns. N Kolay Transaction Centers also receive applications for new subscription or modification of existing subscriptions to be filed with CLK Akdeniz Elektrik.

CLK Akdeniz Elektrik has also taken action to prevent problems faced by its subscribers at unlicensed collection points, and executed a protocol with N Kolay to make sure that subscribers who face power cutoff due to nonpayment will be provided with power service as soon as they make the payment, and they can benefit from this service without paying any extra fees at other collection points.

N Kolay makes life easier

N Kolay Payment Institution remains the largest collection platform in Turkey with 4,674 service points across Turkey, an average transaction volume of 6,500,000 transactions per month and service contracts with more than 140 organizations. N Kolay provides services to millions of subscribers through 491 N Kolay Transaction Centers and 4 thousand 183 kiosks, making their lives easier with direct contact.

N Kolay Payment Institution intermediates a range of financial services from bill collection and subscription transactions to domestic and international money transfer, and is the most preferred payment institution in Turkey thanks to its fast IT infrastructure, close proximity and uninterrupted services.

About N Kolay Payment Institution:

N Kolay Payment Institution is a subsidiary of Aktif Bank, the largest investment bank in Turkey. N Kolay is by far the largest payment institution in Turkey with 6,500,000 transactions in a month. It provides services across Turkey with 491 N Kolay Transaction Centers and 4,183 kiosks.

Today, millions of people prefer N Kolay Payment Institution over other payment channels. The most distinctive feature of N Kolay is customer confidence. N Kolay Payment Institution provides uninterrupted services to customers during long working hours 6 days a week, with a customer-oriented service system focused on customer satisfaction.

N Kolay Payment Institution has won first prize in "Physical Distribution" category with its unique hardware and platform and powerful infrastructure at EFMA (European Financial Management and Marketing Association) awards.