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  • Message from the CEO

Dear Stakeholders,

 2017 was a year of recovery for the global economy and trade volume. At the same time, through timely and accurate remedial actions such as the Credit Guarantee Fund, KOSGEB subsidies and tax reliefs, Turkish economy took advantage of the current situation, recording the highest growth rate in recent years. Thanks to these efforts that supported both the Turkish economy and the Turkish banking sector, total assets of the sector recorded a 19% nominal increase year-over-year in 2017, hitting TRY 3.3 trillion. Regarding the banking sector, the year 2018 will maintain this stability, while the growth will continue, albeit on a more modest course.

As Turkey's largest privately-owned investment bank, we have worked very hard to actively support our economy and to further our subsidiary structure in line with our business goals in 2017. Increasing our profitability by 60% to achieve TRY 178 million (BRSA Standalone Figure), we have achieved an above-sector performance yet again. We sustained our growth in 2017 with the products and services we engaged in 2016. Through our digital transformation processes, we have changed the sectoral dynamics of branch banking. We are planning to launch many more new products in the coming period thanks to our new generation digital banking system that revolutionized the conventional banking systems in Turkey. Regarding the latest developments in our products, which we have 100% digitalized as part of our innovative business models, nkolaykredi.com.tr, providing access to our N Kolay Credit product, has been visited over 7.5 million times by more than four million users, as a result of which 2 million people applied for a total of TRY 16 billion in loans. We have integrated N Kolay Credit into Facebook Messenger to increase and facilitate digital access. A first in the world, we have provided our customers with the option of applying for loans through a ChatBot on Facebook Messenger.

The high-yield, fully digital investment instrument we launched in 2017, N Kolay Bond, which is well-suited for investors from all income brackets who wish to utilize their savings, continues to expand its customer base. It is highly popular thanks to its unique structure providing competitive interest rates while bringing in daily interest income without any loss. Securing three public offerings for N Kolay Bond, our Bank issued bonds worth TRY 1 billion in total.

We actively work on developing new products and services for our subsidiaries. İnovaban, which will be announced to the public in the coming days, will provide consultation services to a variety of organizations ranging from SMEs to entrepreneurs and large-scale companies. İnovaban will provide services in various fields from idea development to project design all the way to commercialization and penetration into overseas markets.

As Aktif Bank, we are proud to have achieved the same level of active support we have provided to our country's economy in the field of renewable energy. Accordingly, we provide long-term financing for installing Solar Power Plants, Hydroelectric Power Plants and Wind Power Plants. To that end, we signed a 50-50% partnership agreement with Halk Enerji Yatırımları Üretim Taahhüt A.Ş., Turkey's leading SPP EPC company, and founded two companies for the installation and financing of Solar Power Plants: Aktif Halk Enerji Investment and Halk Yenilenebilir Enerji. We will reap the fruits of our investments in 2018 and continue our investment efforts in this field.

We have furthered our innovations in the capital markets by issuing the first loan-based debt instrument, the first Sukuk to be listed on Irish Stock Exchange GEM which we mediated overseas, two asset-based securities worth TRY 200 million on behalf of Turkcell Financing, and N Kolay Bono's public offering.

Striving for the past five years to enhance the quality and standards of Turkish football and to facilitate the digital integration and standardization between the sports club and fans, Passolig has reached 3.5 million cards, 70% of which sold through digital channels. In addition to the Passolig card, we have also launched a Passo Mobile application that enables users to buy tickets and gives fans the opportunity to enter stadiums using their smartphones. The Passo Mobil application has been downloaded more than one million times and its number of subscribers increases every day.

Meanwhile, all of our subsidiaries are carrying out successful operations in their respective fields. UPT has outperformed several banks with its infrastructure investments and ranked fourth in Turkey in the service exports category. N Kolay has continued to be the most reputable organization within the sector with new lines of work and collaborations.

Sigortayeri has become one of the leading organizations in Turkey with its corporate brokering services alongside retail. E-Kent has completely renewed its balance-sheet to bloom into an operation-wise profitable organization that manages Turkey's two large integrated entry control operations. With its value-added services, PAVO has begun generating revenue equal to twice its operational expenses with monthly service invoices alone. Our newest subsidiary, Mükafat Management succeeded to exceed the TRY 100 million threshold in assets under management as of the end of 2017.

As Aktif Bank and its subsidiaries, we will continue providing active support for our country in every aspect, particularly economy. On this journey that we set out as the sector's pioneering bank in innovation and digitalization, I wholeheartedly believe that, the Aktif Bank family, has a future full of success.


Dr. Serdar Sümer